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by Leo Herruzo

On the gallery above you will have a chance to see  the latest projects that I have worked on. Residential Designs and Comercial.

Life-like renderings are an essential part of the planning process for many design projects. Helping the client to invision what their space could look like.


Renderings were Develeped by Leo Herruzo using:

Adobe Illustrator


by Leo Herruzo

Hand sketching has its benefits, says author Laura Busche:

Extends memory: “The better you become at translating imagery from your mind to paper, the more visual resources you will have to draw on and the easier it will be to retrieve them in the future.”

Aids concentration: “Sketching stimulates us to a comfortable level — enough to keep us awake, concentrated and engaged… Some believe that we reach deeper levels of concentration and develop richer concepts when our own hands are the hardware.”

Allows for flexibility: “Because of our brain’s limited processing capacity, externalizing our ideas on paper makes it easier to restructure them, transforming the initial structure into a new one.” 

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