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Hi I'm my name is Leo!

Here is a little bit about me...

Once Upon a time…
(Oh, wait! Wrong story)


I was Born and razed in Brazil, and at age of 23 I came to America, and like most of the immigrants, I came with a dream, to became a better self, learn, live, explore, make new friends, build a exciting life story. With that in mind I had to leave everything behind and hold to the one thing I could carry with me: Love.

That is what has helped me grow and continue to grow; it made me who I am today!


At that time I already had my Bachelor Degree in Publishing and Advertisement. I was working in a Firm as one of the Creative Designers. Creating brand concepts, developing logos, ads and websites, basically making clients happy! Yep, that is Me.


Now you ask: Why Interior Design?
I had two big influences that made me want to start studding Interior design. First, my Dad, he was a carpenter, and I was always around the woodshop, learning and asking him questions about the work. I also have an uncle, he was an Architecture teacher in a University in Brazil, and when I was little every time I visited he would teach me how to draw perspectives and other drawings. Then at age of 12, I started to re-design (on paper) my own home. I always loved interior design, shapes, colors, textures, lighting and finishes. It just so happened that life took a different turn and I learn in a different “medium”.


And now it’s time for me to do what I really love: designing, creating, re-inventing spaces and giving people the happiness of entering a beautiful space or seeing their own space re-invented.


As I’m getting close to the end of the Interior Design Program at Mesa College, I realized this is my calling! And this is what I Love doing it.


I believe, you are the environment you live in, and the environment around you. So let’s change peoples life, one space at the time!


Teachers, Employeers and Clients

Talent Plus! Leonardo Herruzo was a student in two of my Interior Design courses at San Diego Mesa College. One course required the application of technical skill and knowledge, while the other one required creativity. Leo excelled in both. His projects were inspiring and he was a generous mentor to his peers.

    Mimi Moore, CID #0945, NCIDQ #6703
     Professor and Coordinator of Mesa's Interior Design Program, Retired


Leo was incredibly knowledgeable and provided tremendous customer service. We look forward to working with Leo in the future. His passion for Design is very clear and contagious to his Clients. He is a tremendous asset to your organization and a skilled designer.

- Sarah K.


I came into RH on Thursday to purchase a sofa......The entire time I was in the store Leo was by my side helping me with every decision I made. I think I would still be in the store had he not been there to guide me. Leo has impeccable taste and is very professional. He has a way of guiding a person toward a decision without making you feel he did not listen to what you wanted, but rather that you came to that very tasteful realization on your own.

Very few people are able to pull that off. Not only did he help me with what I actually purchased that night but he designed my entire room for me to include my future purchases from RH.

.... I have only encountered one other individual with such spectacular sales ability. They have a way of assisting you and making you feel you're the only client in the store. Plus we had a fabulous time. I  felt that I was shopping with a friend.

One with fab taste.

Now THAT is the key to fantastic client services. 

- Cathy L.   RH Client

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